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So, You Think You Need a New Lead Scoring Model?

Often characterized by its blend of big data with predictive analytics, lead scoring has quickly emerged as a prevalent solution aimed to support demand generation and sales by identifying the right prospects to prioritize outreach. Over the past few years, investment in lead scoring solutions have increased exponentially as many companies have shifted resources to […]

Telco: Opportunity Exists in SMB; How Do You Capitalize?

According to Yelp, roughly 85% of American small businesses expect their revenues to grow in 2016. Year over year, small businesses are growing and need a network of technology and services to maintain growth and scale. In fact, research from BCGS suggests that the SMB market may potentially be worth $22bn to UK and US […]

Strategies to Engage the SMB Segment

If your target customers are primarily small to medium-sized businesses in the 2-49 employee space, you’re probably struggling to reach (and nurture) your target market. It’s often said that small- and medium-businesses—SMBs or SMEs for short—have nothing in common, other than that they’re totally different. This isn’t totally true, though. Across industries, SMBs, particularly in the 2-49 employee segment, have a […]