Episode 2: How to Make This Year’s Sales Target

The Killer Slide Series on Data-Driven Revenue Growth

In Episode 2, MarketBridge CEO, Tim Furey, gets tactical on making this year’s sales target or obtaining at least 15% YoY growth. So where is that revenue going to come from? Businesses have to consider the inevitable revenue “leaky bucket” due to a 10-20% YoY buyer attrition rate. And when there is YoY attrition, how will companies continue to grow?

Tim focuses on the four main components of a revenue stream: retention, upsell, cross-sell and new accounts. Most importantly, each requires very different investments, data-driven signals, and economic approaches. Watch this 7-minute video to learn how to manage the leaky bucket and invest more in cross-sell.

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Where does your business focus the majority of their investments and time? Is cross-selling and upselling top of mind?

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