MarketBridge Insider #4

Getting Ready to Go-to-Market in 2019

Issue #4, September 17th, 2018

As the Fall season officially kicks into high gear, the minds of sales and marketing executives are turning to 2019 planning.

This issue of the MarketBridge Insider is thus devoted to helping you peer into the future. For the past six months, we’ve been talking to revenue and marketing executives, listening to social media, conducting research, and combing through best practices trying to predict the trends that will make or break revenue performance next year. We have four great articles—that you can read in a few minutes each—to inspire you as you plunge into planning season.

  • Mike Kelleher and Andy Hasselwander dive into six 2019 go-to-market trends that cutting-edge organizations are already working on.
  • Tim Furey (yours truly) focuses on how data and content have quickly become the critical fuel for 2019 revenue growth. To get you thinking, I suggest asking your team three questions: Are we leveraging the many powerful, existing (but hidden) customer buying signals? Are we identifying, tracking, and distributing the most effective content? Lastly, are our investments analytics/AI and digital content really getting “activated” by our marketing and sales channels?
  • Lane Douglas sees 2019 as the year social media driven customer insight and emerges and writes about executives demanding storytelling—not just dashboards—from social listening and competitive intelligence.
  • Laurence Anthony, a MarketBridge field enablement executive, writes about how personas impact one-to-one selling effectiveness, and how to make sure those personas are actually internalized and used by the sales force.

Between these four articles, you’ll find a wealth of questions, ideas, and answers as you get revved up for 2019. Remember, we serve up fresh content every other Monday, so MarketBridge will be with you throughout the Fall with fresh go-to-market insights and strategies to keep you on the top of your revenue growth game.


Tim Furey,
MarketBridge CEO

Six Early Go-to-Market Trends and Tips for 2019

Through the first eight months of 2018, Chief Revenue Officers and Chief Marketing Officers have told us about their challenges and opportunities. We’ve identified the six megatrends that come up again and again; Could executing on one of these be what helps you outperform your competition in 2019?

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Ask Three Questions to Ensure Your 2019 Go-to-Market Success

Are we leveraging readily available customer data signals to help Sales & Marketing target the best prospects with the right offers? Are we identifying the most effective content marketing collateral and tools to improve conversion rates? And, are we actually “activating” analytics and content to drive effective Marketing/Sales plays?

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Why Storytelling is the New Market Intelligence KPI

When it comes to social listening and market intelligence, executives have moved beyond “what” trendspotting to true “why” storytelling. The hot new thing isn’t AI—it’s digitally native human analysts whose strengths lie in translating data into stories that show why a competitor is winning, or why consumers are so passionate about a topic. These “why stories” function as real-time feedback loops to inform messaging, collateral, sales plays, and strategy.

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The Power of Personas

Personas help sales reps, trainers, managers, and marketers focus on their customers at an individual level, allowing them to “walk a mile in their shoes”—gaining insight into their goals, needs and behaviors, while at the same time learning what frustrates them. We look at how to build personas, whether leveraging the latest data science, or through good old-fashioned observation.

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