MarketBridge Insider #5

Return on Marketing Analytics

Issue #5, October 1st, 2018

Creating a truly data-driven organization is a priority for every sales and marketing executive. To become truly data-driven, disparate data sources, flexible software, and smart human beings all have to come together. This integration remains a huge challenge that we want to help you tackle—the theme of Issue #5 of the MarketBridge Insider.


Tim Furey,
MarketBridge CEO

Measuring Return on Analytics

By definition, data science and analytics is in the business of measuring, but rarely does it measure itself. As the shine wears off from massive investments in AI, data integration, visualization, and other technologies, it will be increasingly critical to show exactly what value analytics brings to the table. This article provides several concrete best practices for measuring return-on-analytics, including a downloadable initiative tracking worksheet template.

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Beware of False Profits, Which May Come to You in AI Clothing

When machine learning ignores common sense and face validity, big things get missed. We present a case study where a “good enough” answer turned out to be missing the forest for the trees. The key is remembering the importance of external data and in-person inquiry (good old fashioned talking to people) to avoid surprises.

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Building Data Intuition for Marketers

Marketers often think big data is the realm of the “data people”, and rely on models and aggregated reporting to understand what’s going on. However, getting your hands dirty is critical to building data intuition. We detail three best practices for exploring customer data—which will ultimately drive the insights that create truly authentic customer experiences.

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Thoughts on the Microsoft-SAP-Adobe Open Data Alliance

Last week, Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe announced an Open Data Initiative to ensure unified data definitions across their enterprise software, promising to make it easier to deploy AI applications and provide usable data to data scientists more quickly and efficiently. We dive deep into this announcement, and its implications for developing marketing and sales technology over the next several years.

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