MarketBridge Insider, Tech Edition (October)

Teeing Up Go-to-Market Success in 2019

It’s October, so that means it must be time to begin looking ahead in earnest to 2019 priorities. Budgets may even already be set for some. If not, locking in on go-to-market priorities, program investments, and even new skill sets can make the difference between a strong 1H of 2019 or falling behind right out of the gate.

Tech leaders looking to gain share in growth markets of Cloud, IoT, AI/Data Intelligence, Security and more are certainly seeking better ways to leverage data analytics to fuel customer acquisition, portfolio cross-sell to current accounts, and migration from on prem to recurring cloud solutions.

In this Technology edition of the MarketBridge Insider, we’re focusing on three key insights relevant to virtually every customer-facing Tech executive. First, I highlight the Top 4 takeaways for Tech CMOs from the 21st CMO Survey. Second, the head of our Market Intelligence team, Lane Douglas, shares a missing piece of the puzzle for how vendors can set themselves up for faster IoT success sourced from IoT buyer research. Lastly, Andy Hasselwander, our Chief Analytics Officer, deconstructs the seismic shift caused by the Open Data Initiative announcement between Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe felt just over two weeks ago.

I hope you and your team find a few key takeaways in these pieces.

Mike Kelleher
SVP & Technology Vertical Lead

The Critical Path Ahead for Tech CMOs

With the recent release of the 21st CMO Survey, we highlight Technology CMOs’ perspectives on where they are placing bets on growth and where the greatest risks of failure in their operations might be. Here are the top-four takeaways from the survey for the Technology industry.

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Help Wanted: IoT Roadmaps Needed!

IoT holds the potential for riches for many vendors. But the race is on to win over new customers. Our market intelligence team sourced the most critical need buyers require to adopt IoT solutions. Here’s how vendors can set themselves up for success.

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Thoughts on the Microsoft-SAP-Adobe Open Data Alliance

This new initiative is a huge event in the marketing technology and data science world. It holds the promise to help countless businesses develop models faster, use real-time AI algorithms, and seamlessly connect data from across major systems. Explore how we deconstruct and ask some critical questions arising from this mega-alliance.

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