MarketBridge Insider, Tech Edition (November)

In honor of Thanksgiving last week, we’re serving up fresh insights and perspectives on how customer data and robust analytics around that data are delivering big results for Sales & Marketing teams in the Tech sector.

For starters, an epic battle of the titans between Microsoft and just took a new and important twist…one that can give Microsoft the edge in the long run to become the “screen of choice” for sellers and marketer.

Next up, vendors selling Big Data solutions have a problem. They need to help buyers mine for insights just like natural resources – including expanding a talent pool capable of using your solutions. Our market-listening research highlights 3 recommended steps to help grow Big Data market share.

We then wrap up with a case study on one client’s 4-step approach to increasing cross-sell win rates in the mid-market with prescriptive, data-driven customer targeting for marketing and sales teams.


Mike Kelleher
SVP & Technology Vertical Lead

How Microsoft Just Added Fuel to its LinkedIn Fire to Take Down

The battle between Microsoft and to own the hearts and minds of sellers and marketers may have just quietly entered a new and epic phase with a change involving LinkedIn at Microsoft. 2019 may be a tipping point year for who owns the screen of choice in the future.

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Big Data’s Big Problem

Big Data’s been called the next natural resource. But mining insights requires skills…skills that frankly don’t exist in broad enough supply. Market-listening research of ours highlights 3 options to help fill that void and enable your customers to buy more Big Data solutions.

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Case Study: A 4-Step Approach to Cross-Selling in Mid-Market Accounts

Tech CMOs allocate three-quarters of their total marketing spend on their top priority: Driving growth from existing markets. This blog tells the story of HOW to get results driving cross-sell in those existing markets…using the experiences of a leading technology platform provider for digital and mobile payments as the hero of our story.

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