Part 3 – Prevent Customer Detours Through Digital Engagement

The Ultimate Guide to the New Buyer’s Journey – Part 3: Prevent Customer Detours Through Digital Engagement

We established in Part 1 that digital and online channels are playing a significant role in the new buyer’s journey. Organizations need to create digital strategies for multiple digital channels, including but not limited to, SEO, Social Media, Websites, Communities, Blogs, Etc. Furthermore, organizations need to optimize those strategies for inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing and digital sales coverage. However, the critical part of the new customer buying journey is not in creating new digital tactics, its how your organization engages prospects once they engage digitally. When the appropriate digital engagement doesn’t take place around a key consumer segment, revenue loss is a very real scenario. Organizations tend to over engage on their corporate website and under engage on social media channels.

Not all customer engagement is created equal. Research shows that customers who engage on social media expect a response within a few hours but those who engage in a PPC ad or download a whitepaper typically do not want to be contacted by a sales rep. Carefully plan out when and how you engage with perspective and existing customers. A lack of engagement in the digital space when your community is ready to vent/complain or overly engaging when your customers are not ready can mean the customer terminating their journey with you or, worse, your competitors offering them an alluring detour. Don’t let your competitors provide a better customer experience than you, its a sure fire way to lose revenue.

So how should you digitally engage with your prospects and customers. Read our whitepaper on the Ultimate Guide to the New Buyer’s Journey for specific digital engagement best practices.


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