Part 2 – Segmentation Must Be The First Step

The Ultimate Guide to the New Buyer’s Journey – Part 2: Does Your Segmentation Lead the Way?

Part of the power of the new buying behavior is the opportunity associated with the millions of touchpoints which customers make with your online platforms. This data (when integrated and married with social, CRM, and transaction history) can provide clarity into customer behavior and preferences and can be predictive of customer value, needs, expected behavior, and the best buying channel.

However, trying to map out the buyer journey and integrate all of these data points can feel overwhelming, even impossible. The right segmentation and analytics strategy can make mapping your customer buying process a lot less complex.

When you ask a sales or marketing professional if they have or use “segmentation” the answer is typically “Yes”. But, if you ask whether that segmentation is based on areas such as behaviors, life stage, product value, lifecycle, or attitudes, the answer is not so resounding. In fact, most organizations are overrun with too many forms of segmentation and no clear strategy.

Moreover, many are confusing buyer personas, customer profiles, and segments in terms of the broad definitions they use to understand and engage their customers. Almost all organizations struggle to make their segmentation actionable and few can point back to how it is making them money.

A great segmentation strategy should have a few key common characteristics. What is involved in a great segmentation strategy? Read our whitepaper on the Ultimate Guide to the New Buyer’s Journey to find out.


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