Hey, Sales Managers: How Do You Effectively Manage 200+ Target Accounts?

You don’t. At least not the way you are doing it today.

It’s frustrating. Although, it is not from a lack of trying. I have seen the better sales teams form pyramid structures with layers of prioritization based on some sort of customer scoring and sales coverage model. Typically, the account lead is focused on the “hot” or “warm” opportunities at the top layers of the pyramid while the inside sales or business development teams focus on the lower layers of the pyramid. These teams are hitting the phones all day long trying to connect. How many calls is it taking these days for your team to have a meaningful conversation? 7? 8? More? Perhaps your targets do not want to receive phone calls. Is there a better—and more cost effective way to reach them?

In many organizations using this pyramid model, the lower levels of the pyramid are just ignored or abandoned. Sure, they get the occasional blanket email or general promotion, but they are not sales-ready today so they do not get a lot of attention. Unfortunately most of them are probably qualified and many will make a purchase within the next nine months. How are your competitors staying engaged with them? How many opportunities are being missed in this category of the pyramid?

There has to be a better way to get stronger, more equal coverage and engagement with your target accounts. For a growing number of sales reps, the answer is becoming “technology-enabled” and leveraging three key technologies to “work smarter”:

  1. Social Selling
  2. Predictive Analytics
  3. Personalized Digital Content

Many sales reps make the mistake of leveraging just one of these technologies. However, we have found that by using all three of these technologies, sales teams are doubling and even tripling their pipelines!

Want to learn how? Listen to our webinar where social selling expert Jill Rowley and Tim Furey, CEO of MarketBridge, share insights and strategies that will help you sell better digitally, increase your pipeline, and become a technology-enabled sales rep.

MarketBridge Webinar

Sales: Three Technologies You Must Use to Double Your Opportunities