Andy Hasselwander

Chief Analytics Officer

As Chief Analytics Officer, Andy leads the marketing data and analytics functions at MarketBridge, joining the firm (for the second time) in 2018. Andy brings 20+ years of marketing strategy, data science, and software development experience to the firm.

Joining MarketBridge in 1997, Andy progressed from Analyst to Senior Vice President over the course of 12 years, launching the analytics practice area. He pioneered methodologies across attribution, insights, and optimization, and built the firm’s original marketing data warehouse. Andy led over 50 engagements with Fortune 500 clients across technology, financial services, life sciences, and consumer, and recruited, developed, and managed the world-class MarketBridge analytics team.

After leaving MarketBridge in 2009, Andy led the product and consulting teams at Collage Group, a marketing strategy firm focused on the most influential consumers in the U.S. While at Collage, Andy launched and ran the VozLatinum bilingual consumer panel; Insights Designer, a SaaS survey analysis platform; and Custom Market Profiler, a geospatial data analytics platform. In a dual role as leader of the professional services team, Andy also recruited and led the analytics consulting and research teams, which provided insights and strategies to the Fortune 1000.

Upon leaving Collage, Andy joined Employee Navigator, a leading benefits administration and HR SaaS platform. While there, Andy led the product team as well the partner data integration team. Andy also served as the analytics center-of-excellence. Andy has a BA from Colgate University, magna cum laude, and an MBA from NYU-Stern with distinction.

Andy’s Posts

4 Signs of Stagnant Marketing Analytics

Subject: Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics organizations are under incredible pressure from business stakeholders. Business owners want everything—and they want it quickly. This insatiable appetite for analytics can lead to demoralized teams who get “C” grades on all their assignments, at best. The result: no one is happy. At …

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Measuring Marketing’s Effectiveness in 2021

Subject: Marketing Analytics, Marketing ROI, Multichannel Marketing

Measuring marketing’s effectiveness in 2021 remains a top priority for CMOs as return on marketing remains frustratingly squishy.

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Digital Advertising 2020: A Lot More Quality Digital Eyeballs

Subject: Content Marketing, Digital Sales, Go-to-Market Operations, Lead Generation and Nurturing

Of all of the emergent phenomena that have occurred over the past nine months, one that hasn’t gotten much press is the dramatic increase in the supply of quality digital impressions. There isn’t a published source measuring this very real metric—it has to be triangulated …

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The COVID-19 Catalyst: Brick-and-Mortar Retail’s Future 

Subject: Other

(Part II of the Hammer and the Dance Series)   I started writing this post as a sequel to the “Hammer and the Dance” post about health care. This one is focused on retail. As soon as I started writing it, the scope expanded significantly. I’ve been doing …

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Potential COVID-Driven Go-to-Market Adjustments for the Healthcare Industry

Subject: Market Insights

Early on in the pandemic, an influential article—The Hammer and the Dance—was published in The Medium attempting to predict the course of society’s response to COVID-19. Whether you agreed with the data science, it was an interesting thought piece that most definitely affected policy. It …

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Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) Beyond Digital Channels

Subject: Marketing ROI

Multi-touch attribution is critical for marketers who want to truly understand ROI of their various channels. While the term “MTA” is en vogue right now, this has been a problem for marketers for a long time. In the 1960s, television advertising might be driving some …

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Customer-Centricity: Definition, Challenges, and Solutions

Subject: Customer Experience

In this article, I’ll walk through the history of customer-centricity, and how digital technology has ushered in a new era of customer-first marketing and support—at least potentially. I’ll then walk through some of the technological and people-related challenges companies typically face as they attempt to …

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The Changing Face of Distribution Marketing to Seniors

Subject: Digital Sales, Lead Generation and Nurturing

When it comes to e-commerce, “rising seniors” have had 20 years to get used to secure e-commerce pages—specifically the little lock that appears on secure sites. The idea that seniors will hesitate to conduct business online is at this point probably more of a stereotype …

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Platform-as-a-Channel: A New Model Disrupting the Channel Partner Ecosystem

Subject: Channel Partner Enablement, Digital Sales

The partner channel model hadn’t changed much until a few years ago. Most groceries and consumer goods traveled through supermarkets; most cars were sold through dealers, and most manufacturing items were sold through distributors. These traditional channel models have some combination of nine traits in …

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How Simply “Watching Your Buyers” Can Increase Retention Rates

Subject: Market Insights

One of our clients recently came to us with an issue that we immediately diagnosed as a friction problem. A product had been conceived and built which should have been selling well, but uptake was slow. There was nothing functionally wrong with the product; it …

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