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AEP Digital Listening Bulletin #3

With only one day to go before AEP closes, consumer fatigue with MA advertising appears to have set in.  Despite significant advertising and marketing investment, KFF just released a study that shows how few people actually voluntarily switch plans during AEP.  Consumers get smarter about Supplemental Plans—and carriers get smarter about targeting.  And the issue of social isolation among seniors garners a lot of attention.

AEP Digital Listening Bulletin #2

Not surprisingly, the rhetoric has heated up as consumers began to react to the multiple messages and plan options being received around Medicare Advantage across nearly all media channels as AEP shifts to full speed. The “improved”  CMS Star Rating system results were released on October 11 and show that Medicare Advantage…

AEP Digital Listening Bulletin #1

Welcome to week one of our Fall 2019 AEP Digital Listening Bulletin. In this bi-weekly e-mail, we’ll take a look at the trends, conversations, and themes that we are seeing dominate the Annual Enrollment Period discussion as carriers, brokers, agents and enrollees go through this annual process.