Sales Acceleration Tips to Increase Pipeline and Productivity: Part 1

Sales has changed. Because customers have changed. Customers have moved more of their buying decisions online and are less likely to respond to some of the traditional sales tactics that worked in the past. This has led to an explosion of data and technology that has fundamentally changed how we sell. The productivity opportunity for sales teams is massive. In fact, the digitally-powered sales rep has the opportunity to deliver significantly higher revenues at lower cost and in a way that also reflects how customers want to buy.

However, this shift doesn’t come without challenge. Sales people still struggle to reach prospects. They are over-whelmed with data, content, and new communication channels. They are missing their quotas and under-whelming your customers. So what do you do about it?

In the next few weeks, MarketBridge will give you the tools your team needs to help your sales people adapt to this new environment and become more productive.

More specifically, we’ll share how sales people are struggling to:

  1. Profile the customer using the wealth of relevant and available data
  2. Prioritize sales activities on the right customers, at the right time
  3. Share the right content given the prospects stage in their buyer journey
  4. Track prospects content consumption and use this information to trigger new outreach
  5. Understand what channel (social, email, digital, etc.) is most effective to communicate through given the nature of the prospect
  6. Use account and buyer group intelligence to understand and influence today’s consensus buying groups

The Trick? Digitally Power Your Sales Team

At MarketBridge, we are laser focused on helping organizations improve sales productivity. We have the benefit (actually, the privilege) of working with some of the most progressive companies on earth around this topic.

We also see a lot of companies doing it wrong. They rely on more increasing head count, pure activity volume, and traditional training to improve performance of their teams.

We see a different path to revenue growth, one that puts technology, digital content, and analytics at the center of the answer.

We have made it our mission to help reps and companies be more productive, drive more revenue, do it more efficiently, and align to how customers want to buy. We seek to make this transition easier for your team and are hope is that it provides a framework for sales leaders to follow as they look to re-invent their teams.

The opportunity is there, sales organizations just need to seize it. We will show you how. Check out part 2 of the series!