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5 Website Analyses You Must Conduct Before Your Next Website Redesign

The time has come for your website redesign. You and your team have been dreaming of this moment for months, even years now. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, toss the old site aside and get the creative juices flowing. But wait! Before you say goodbye to your company or client’s weathered website (probably designed […]

Part 3 – Prevent Customer Detours Through Digital Engagement

The Ultimate Guide to the New Buyer’s Journey – Part 3: Prevent Customer Detours Through Digital Engagement We established in Part 1 that digital and online channels are playing a significant role in the new buyer’s journey. Organizations need to create digital strategies for multiple digital channels, including but not limited to, SEO, Social Media, […]

What is Digital Sales Coverage?

If you haven’t yet heard the newest buzzword in Sales and Marketing, be prepared to hear it a lot in 2014. So, what is Digital Sales Coverage? Before we define it, I find it helpful to think through the changes in commercial models that led us to Digital Sales Coverage. (2009 – 2010) – The […]

The New Sales Coverage Model – Using Digital & Data to Drive Productivity

In an earlier blog post I discussed an emerging trend we are seeing when we engage with sales and marketing leaders to discuss how their businesses are changing in order to align to new customer buying behaviors. This new trend is a shift in the coverage model from traditional sales resources to digital platforms. As […]