Marketing Analytics Family Tree

Marketing analytics is a broad, “meta” field, combining elements of marketing strategy, data science, database management, digital technology, primary research, and psychology, to name a few. To help explain what it is, we’ve created this taxonomy of marketing analytics—a “family tree”—that breaks the field down from high-level to more detailed. The taxonomy has four levels […]

Checklist To Implementing AI-Driven Sales

At MarketBridge, we believe artificial intelligence can be used to solve an age-old challenge for sales reps – “How do I better target and how can I speed up prospect research?” But AI doesn’t have to be as complex as bots, speech recognition and machine learning for you to achieve these results. Using your existing […]

Sales Teams Must Adapt to the New Customer Buying Journey

Customers have clearly changed how they conduct their buying process. Their expectations have changed as it relates to their process of evaluating product or service options, self-educating, participating in decision making groups, and ultimately deciding on and making a purchase. Customers now spend significantly more time doing online research, they expect to be served up […]

9 Tips for Lead Follow Up

Leads are an integral part of any marketing and sales strategy. This issue is that it’s difficult for marketers to know which leads will convert successfully into customers. Sometimes “quality” leads can fizzle out and “suspect” leads can turn into big business.” The best practices for lead follow up begin with a strategy. Maximizing the […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Web Analytics

Marketing Accountability continues to be a hot topic, particularly in B2B circles. Although Sales & Marketing professionals have talked about the importance of data and measurement for almost twenty years, we continue to see striking oversights in basic implementation, especially as it pertains to websites. In this infographic we highlight some basic website measurement fundamentals […]