Optimizing Member Outreach Campaigns to Improve Health Outcomes

Fortune 50 payer uses marketing analytics to increase preventive screenings and optimize spend after working with MarketBridge. Learn more in our case study.

A Year-in-Review: Marketing Effectiveness Trends

2023 was another fast-paced year when it came to marketing measurement. Download the whitepaper for an 11-page summary of marketing effectiveness trends from 2023 and predictions for 2024.

Part 2: Operations and Analytics – A Roadmap for Modern B2B Go-to-Market

The second whitepaper in our series, “A Roadmap to Modern B2B Go-to-Market,” encompasses two main topics that enable growth—Operations and Analytics. Download the comprehensive 41-page whitepaper and learn more about this 3-part series.

Channel Disruption: Navigating 5 Fundamental Shifts in Healthcare Marketing & Sales Channels

Drawing on deep industry expertise, this paper examines five disruptions impacting go-to-market strategy along with specific best practice solutions. Download the comprehensive 27-page whitepaper to learn more about navigating channel disruptions in healthcare.

Measuring the Impact of Brand Marketing on Business Growth

Businesses with direct customer ties have a unique advantage in driving sales. However, they often struggle to measure the long-term benefits of brand and upper-funnel marketing—focusing instead on short-term gains. This framework unpacks the value of brand marketing and how to measure its impact for long-term growth.

The State of Marketing Analytics: A Roundtable Discussion

Hear from leaders of world-class marketing data science teams about what they see as the best practices around four topics: 1) maintaining an audience-first posture, 2) marketing data for use in analytics, 3) marketing measurement, and 4) building world-class marketing analytics teams.

Shining Light on the Upper Funnel: Avoiding the Cobra Effect in the Era of Cherry-picking

Listen in as our Chief Analytics Officer covers the lower funnel ecosystem, cobra effect in digital advertising, as well as the evolution of and methods to overcome the measurement trap direct from the #ANAMeasurement Conference.

Optimizing Marketing in Consumer Tech: ​Balancing Brand and Demand

To optimize marketing in consumer tech, download this guide for 3 key marketing imperatives to balance marketing/advertising investments across indirect and direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels.

Fueling the Next Growth Curve at Smartsheet with Buyer-Centric Messaging

Direct from the 2023 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference, listen in as Kati Quigley and Mike Kelleher share Smartsheet’s recent efforts to fuel the next growth curve with buyer-centric messaging.

Enhancing Competitive Positioning

Software company refreshes customer-centric messaging to out-position competitors in the as-a-Service space after working with MarketBridge. Learn more from our competitive positioning case study.